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Saturday 21 September 2019
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Bucket of KFC chicken buys kidnapped cousins’ release

RELEASED: Kenrick Morgan
RELEASED: Kenrick Morgan

COUSINS Kenrick Morgan, 17, and 24-year-old Kendell Singh, who were allegedly kidnapped by Venezuelan pirates on January 14, have returned safely to their homes. The Moruga youths spent a month in captivity.

Morgan and Singh were kidnapped while fishing in the Columbus Channel in Moruga.

A relative of the cousins said a ransom of US$12,000, together with grocery items and a bucket of KFC, were handed over in exchange for their release.

Morgan was released at Erin, and Singh at Moruga between 3.30 and 4.30pm on Tuesday.

Ashley Boodoo, sister of Kenrick, said her brother was dehydrated and needed medical attention. Boodoo said he received intravenous fluids at the Siparia health facility, and he was then taken home to Moruga. She said he was not in a proper frame of mind to speak with the media.

But she said, “Our prayers have been answered. We know God was on our side and this nightmare will come to an end.”

Kenrick’s mother Linda Boodoo was too emotional to speak. “My mother knelt and prayed when she got the news,” said Ashley.

She said she would not like anyone else to experience such horror. “It is most distressing to know that your relative may be killed at any time.”

Her family continues to give praise to the Lord, she said, for keeping her younger brother alive while he was held captive.

After the cousins went missing, the families were reportedly contacted by phone by a Spanish-speaking man who told them if US$40,000 was not paid, the two would be killed. A photograph of the cousins with a man holding a gun to their heads was sent to the family.

The release of the two comes days after seven other men from the Morne Diablo area were returned to TT from Venezuela after also being held captive and ransoms demanded

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