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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Week’s bed rest for Nikki

Nikki Crosby
Nikki Crosby

Doctors have ordered comedian, actress and soca singer Nikki Crosby to take a week of complete bed rest after she was treated for dehydration on Sunday night.

Crosby said when she got up on Sunday morning, she had a fever. “I think I was getting the virus, and I had to go Nikkiland."

Nikkiland, her annual children's Carnival extravaganza, was held between that afternoon in the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Crosby said: “I was out in the sun whole afternoon with the children and the sun was very hot that day.

"After that I came home and felt the virus coming on.”

She said she didn’t have much time to rest, as she was due to compete that night in the semi-finals of the International Soca Monarch Competition at the Arima Velodrome. She didn’t get to the stage until approximately 10 pm.

“I was just going to try to get through the performance. As I was going to hit the stage I felt nauseous and while performing I was feeling the urge to throw up. When I came off the stage, that is when I vomited, and then I passed out. I was unconscious for a little while...I was in and out of it.”

Crosby was taken to the nearby Arima Health Facility, where, she said: “They really took good care of me.”

She was put on drips for four hours to bring up her potassium levels.

She also said when told she had made it to the final of the ISM competition: “I was surprised that I got into the finals, because it was not my best performance.”

For now “I am just taking it easy. I am on one week bed rest. I had to cancel some jobs but I have to rest until Saturday.

"It was a case of dehydration and all that up and down done on the day. I just have to drink a lot of coconut water, eat my fruits and vegetables and get a lot of rest, so I have to keep my little butt home.”

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