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Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

‘Supporters’ of Guaido safe away from the heat

THE EDITOR: Quite a few of our political opportunists and “political analysts” (whatever that is) who are pressuring our Prime Minister to join with other countries in recognising Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela need to give that consideration some more thought.

While we might be dependent on some of these same countries for trade in food, energy, security etc, have those political opportunists and “analysts” completely forgotten our virtual “within-walking-distance” proximity to that troubled country?

In their analysis of the situation, some claim Caricom countries have turned a blind eye to the cruelties on their doorstep. They also claim the “civilised” world, naming among them the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, France, Australia, Spain and Holland, have given the “okay” to Guaido.

Those opportunist politicians and “political analysts” should take some Middle Eastern countries as examples and note that, since they have only recently began to produce their own ballistic missiles and other smaller weapons of war, exactly who supplied terrorists’ groups of those countries with an abundance of artillery over the years?

Weapons on such a large scale can only be supplied by a country (or countries) that has the capability of mass producing such weapons and which more often than not has more than just interest in selling/supplying weapons to the buyer. Think for a moment.

With the advent of steadily increasing shale oil production by the US, pitted against Venezuela’s proven massive crude oil reserves (realistically today’s Saudi Arabia as far as crude oil reserves are concern), can we imagine the type of support President Nicolas Maduro can get from other developed countries that want to stay ahead economically and otherwise but are yet to possess the finer technology for mass production of their own possible shale oil reserves? Accordingly, wouldn’t they love to keep Maduro where he is?

We need to keep in mind that, unlike TT, most of the foreign “supporters” of Guaido are located safely (from this situation) on the other side of the globe. And (God forbid) should the mighty US decides to invade Venezuela (under the guise of bringing democracy to that country) and inevitably use our land, sea and air space as a base, have we given thought to what all this could possibly mean?

Yes, Venezuelans are suffering and yes Maduro is much to be blamed, but rather than being so quick to recognise a loser as president, shouldn’t these hypothetical upholders of democracy focus more of their energies on initiating and overseeing a free and fair election?

Here in TT, right now it’s the wine and jam season so the majority of us might be too tired or busy to give two hoots about our closest neighbour and their sufferings (of course all the young Venezuelan women are always welcome in our places of entertainment), unless of course the big-gun theoretical defenders of democracy decide to invade that country before J’Ouvert morning.

LLOYD RAGOO, Chaguanas

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