Qualifications mean nothing

THE EDITOR: Ever realise when applying for a job these days you must have at least two recommendations with recent police certificate of character?

Is the system of nepotism becoming concretised and made the norm in our work culture?

Your academic qualifications are no longer important nor does it differentiate you. Instead, it’s who you know and who recommended you for that job.

The youth must now beg people for recommendations for jobs that they might be overqualified for in terms of experience and academics. They must now pay $50 for a police certificate of character as well.

All of this just to have that chance to get a job at an organisation.

Neither education level nor experience lays the foundation for obtaining a job. It is now who yuh know.

This negatively affects the fundamental operations of our country as people who are inefficient at their jobs are put in positions just for the money.

Keep in mind that whatever job you have right now, there is always someone who can replace you and do it better.



"Qualifications mean nothing"

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