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Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Missing fisherman ‘speaks’ to a relative twice via dreams

In this February 2018 file photo, fishermen head out to sea off the coast of Erin.
In this February 2018 file photo, fishermen head out to sea off the coast of Erin.

ALTHOUGH no one has heard from fisherman Barry "Ras" Boban since he disappeared at sea last year, a relative has said he "spoke" to one of his sisters in a dream.

"He told her he was tied up and very tired. She had the same dream twice since he disappeared," said the relative. The dreams suggested he may have been kidnapped but his family said no one has contacted them to say so or to demand a ransom.

Boban, 34, also called Barry Thompson, left his home at Crawford Trace, Penal, at about 4.30 am on August 20 with a fish vendor, Shane Harribhajan, 27, from Jhulai Trace, Penal.

They told relatives they were going to Moruga. That was the last time anyone saw or heard from them.
"At least that is where they said they were going," said the relative, who requested anonymity. "Somehow a third man, David Williams from Moruga, came into the picture and is also missing. I am not sure how he came into this puzzle, but it seems he may have gone fishing with them as well.

"They just disappear without a trace. We don’t know what to think."
Relatives of the three reported the fishermen missing.

Daily, Boban’s mother thinks of the missing father of one, the relative said. She told the family that last month she heard him calling her name from a window at her home. When they checked, no one was there.

Harribhajan’s mother Cherriann told Newsday that she dreamt he was hungry. Cherriann said, "In the dream, he told me he wanted shrimps, alloo and roti. My daughters are dreaming Shane a lot, but he appears to be very frightened and does not much speak to them."

Relatives said they had no information about him but there were rumours about Harribhajan working on a farm on the South American mainland possibly in Venezuela, Colombia or Guyana.

"As a mother, I know he is alive somewhere. The morning he left from here he said he was going Moruga to fix an engine with the other man. He went so quiet that I only managed to hear when he was closing the gate. Shane said, ‘Ma later.’ I replied, ‘Alright’ and that was it. We never heard from him again."

She called on the police to work with officials from other countries to help find her only son. She is the mother of four adult children.

The Anti-Kidnapping Unit is leading investigations. The police are calling on the public to help them find the missing fishermen. Anyone with information can call the nearest police station or Moruga police at 656- 7001.

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