Dizweland Pirates - a Carnival celebration for kids

A patriotic play park for kids is coming to Skallywag Bay Adventure Park, Chaguaramas on February 16 called Dizweland Pirates.

This is the second year Dizweland is occurring. Keron Boodoosingh, event coordinator from Elevate Events, described Dizweland as a fun informative cultural experience.

"We know negative is out there and reigning right now, so we want to make sure we can send positive messages home to our children, they have something to feel proud of," he said.

The first Dizweland was in 2018 at Skinner Park San Fernando. Elevate events built the entire park from scratch using inflatables and bouncy castles.

Last year's events included bouncy castles called the Magnificent Seven; a replica of the Chaguaramas zip line; a marine coral maze for Tobago's coral reef; a mechanical buffalypso and a blow-up mountain children and adults could climb called El Cerro del Aripo, after the tallest peak in Trinidad.

This year, Dizweland Pirates will also include the rides from Scallywag Bay such as roller coaster rides, rock climbing, bumper boats and more. There will also be giveaway quizzes about the country.

There will be a DJ Segment called Rag Storm which Boodoosingh describes as is a tribute to SuperBlue and power soca.

"We are going to show kids the power of power soca. That thing about power soca dying, we are not going to allow that to happen to the kids. They need to experience the fun of power soca as we had it when growing up," Boodoosingh said.

Artistes include Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts, Ricardo Drue, Farmer Nappy, Shal Marshall, Olatunji, Erphaan Alves, Teddyson John and more.

Dizweland runs from 12-6pm.


"Dizweland Pirates – a Carnival celebration for kids"

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