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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

TT must do better

THE EDITOR: I write letters to the people of TT, make videos and offer myself to serve in political office because, deep in my heart, I believe we are much better than the politicians think. One political leader after not being re-elected as prime minister, simply drove to her home leaving her supporters waiting for her response. She has never publicly said sorry for not offering words of comfort at her party’s moment of deep disappointment, perhaps because she knows that no matter what she does, her loyal supporters will defend her action. For loyal supporters of the two major political parties, it is ok to use the Parliament to insinuate that opponents are sexual predators or rapists, it is OK to give contracts of billions to supporters regardless of whether the people of TT benefit. Will the people of this country ever say that such behaviour will not be tolerated any more?

How much longer must the people if TT accept the water authority admonishing citizens to not use water with a hose while they waste water by the thousands of gallons through leaks that are visible to everyone. On St Lucien Road, Diego Martin, there is a leak breaking up the newly paved asphalt in the middle of the roadway. That leak has been visible for over a week. There are similar situations throughout the country. The Curepe interchange is a multimillion-dollar project that will have very little impact on the traffic congestion of the east west corridor. This is so as there are traffic lights and road crossing east and west of the proposed interchange that will simply be congested by the volume of vehicles. Citizens know that the solution is to use that money to build a new freeway just south of the Caroni River from Beetham to Wallerfield. How much longer will the citizens excuse the waste of taxpayer’s money simply to protect the reputation of the political party they support?

The newly installed passport reader and electronic processing units at the airports are working but citizens using the machine must go through the same process that they used to before the machines were installed. Was the project just a waste of taxpayer’s money or political gimmick? Did some party supporter get a contract to supply a system that clearly does nothing to assist in processing visitors to the island? Almost everywhere there are million- and billion-dollar projects but the basics like traffic congestion, rising criminal activity, water distribution, public services, justice, beds for hospitals, fixing pot holes, clearing waterways, paying fees and fines, public transportation and housing remain as perennial challenges regardless of which of the two major political parties are in service. Why? The answer is simple. They are not elected based on competence, vision or performance. They are voted into office because of race and a promise that they are not as corrupt as their predecessor.

TT citizens know better. They know what is possible when a politician wishes to do something. Simply look at the repairs of the Red House, Whitehall and the President's house and note how easy it was to complete these projects when there was a political will to do so. Imagine what is possible if the people unite and put country before party. Our country can be transformed in a short time if we only say no to racial voting. Can we afford not to change?

God Bless Our Nation.

Steve Alvarez

Democratic Party of TT

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