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Thursday 23 May 2019
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Police warn public: Don’t share sex victims’ photos

POLICE yesterday sent a stern warning to the public against sharing images of what is believed to be the young girls who were saved from a potential sex ring on Wednesday.

The police pointed out: "Section 34(1) of the Trafficking in Person Act Chapter 12:10 says that in any way to cause the identity of a victim of human trafficking to be revealed, constitutes as an offence.” The release added that people who are found sharing images of that nature are liable to be fined $100,000.

It was sent yesterday after it was revealed that images of the teenaged girls were being shared on social media.

The release also cited the Sexual Offences Act and the Children Act,which both make sharing or broadcasting the names and images of under-aged victims of sexual offences as a crime. The offence could cost a fine of $25,000 under the Sexual Offences Act, and $50,000 under the Children Act.

The police said it didn’t matter where the poster got the pictures from.

“Should a member of the public come into possession of such material, this must be brought to the attention of the police for the initiation of an appropriate investigation,” the release said.

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