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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Now is WI time!

THE EDITOR: This is WI time! This is WI team, is how WI must now think of Jason Holder and his mighty men who have returned the priceless Wisden trophy to our sun swept isles after it spent a decade in English hands.

After all the tears, after all the pain WI have endured as a people, these were the great words of captain wonderful, Holder, when speaking after breaking the spirit of the proud Lions in the heat of Barbados to go 1-0 in this now historic Test series.

As WI like to say, "Performance always beats ole talk!" Holder and his maroon marauders have certainly performed in humbling the mighty English Lions to bring the much coveted Wisden trophy home to the Caribbean after a long vacation in a foreign land.

This is just the start to quote Holder. "WI are hungry! WI are hungry for success," were his words that are testament to the tremendous will power and courage displayed by this young and very ambitious West Indies Test team.

There could be no more of an iconic Caribbean moment than when WI legend, Sir Vivian Richards, stood with his hands over his head triumphantly clapping to celebrate WI young cricketing champions. There was no small hint that this was a moment of destiny in that he did so in his home island of Antigua on the ground that bears his name and where he is greatly revered.

Well done men, was the message that "Viv" clearly sent to WI new breed of Test cricketing champions as this series win for WI the people of the Caribbean was also a rite of passage for Holder and his marauders who have matured under a ripening Caribbean sun before our very eyes.

King Holder summed up all of the Caribbean cricketing nation's hopes and dreams for the future best when he added in his coronation interview, "WI want to climb the rankings." WI will be with you and your men as WI climb this Jacob's ladder Holder! So salutations are now in order for Jason and WI Argonauts of legend as they now ascend to join the pantheon of WI cricketing legends.

Fitzroy Othello via e-mail

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