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Thursday 22 August 2019
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‘Dr Art’ touching lives

Everton McQueen works on a mural in Canaan.
Everton McQueen works on a mural in Canaan.

EVERTON MC QUEEN, more popularly known as “Dr Art,” has been drawing and painting pictures ever since he was a child. In his adult years, he continues to use his talent to inspire and touch lives.

Mc Queen, who hails from Plymouth, said he lives, eats and dreams art.

“I literally was born with this gift in my blood. From very young I started drawing things, but it was at age seven that my real drawing skills took off. I drew little stick men and then I moved on to drawing real men with muscles to the amazement of my family and my teachers who were fascinated by my artwork,

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“Most of my time when I was not at school, was spent drawing and painting. My inspiration came from everywhere – people, objects, things in nature, you name it, all these played a very important part in my paintings,” he said.

A self-taught artist, with some theory picked up from art classes at secondary school, McQueen’s work can be seen through murals on the walls of schools across Tobago and at public buildings, and in cartoons and portraits.

“Drawing and painting is a way of life for me. Failure to do the thing that I love, will leave me feeling miserable and empty. This overwhelming joy and peace that I feel when I am engaged in my painting are what makes my life worthwhile,” he said.

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When he is not out on the road painting, McQueen teaches an art class in Plymouth, Tobago’s Next Generation, for art enthusiasts who are interested in it as a hobby or as a career. There is no age limit for students because he believes his mission is to help people tap into the hidden resources within themselves.

Mc Queen considers himself a blessed person. He does not take his talent for granted and enjoys teaching it to others.

“Being an artist and having the ability to draw and paint at this magnitude, is a humbling experience for me. I believe that an artist is essentially a channel that God uses to show forth his greatness in the earth, and that is where I fit in. So, I do not see myself as somebody that is superior to anyone in anyway. I just feel happy and blessed to know that God has endowed me with this special gift so that I can used it to bring joy and gladness into the lives of other people. I believe that if I can make a difference in the life of just one individual, then I have fulfilled my purpose in life,” he said.

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