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Thursday 23 May 2019
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Venezuela can’t determine TT policy

MSJ political leader David Abdulah. FILE PHOTO
MSJ political leader David Abdulah. FILE PHOTO

MOVEMENT for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah said Venezuelans cannot determine what this country’s foreign policy should be. And that is a matter for the government of this country to deal with.

His comments came in light of a march held in Port-of -Spain by a group of Venezuelan nationals living in TT to show their solidarity and support for Vanezuela’s Opposition leader Juan Guaido who has declared himself interim President of that country.

While the TT government said they would not be taking any sides in Venezuela’s ongoing political issues, Venezuelans living in Trinidad and Tobago are calling for the Rowley government to support Guaido. As the Venezuelans marched in Port-of Spain, thousands were also marching in Caracas for and against Guaido.

Speaking at a press conference at MSJ’s headquarters on Sunday, Abdulah said Venezuelan nationals living in TT are citizens of Venezuela and they could appeal to the government in Venezuela and political parties in Venezuela.

“But Venezuelans here in Trinidad and Tobago cannot determine what the foreign policy of Trinidad and Tobago ought to be. That is for the government of Trinidad and Tobago and the citizens and governments of Caricom who must determine the foreign policy of our country,” Abdulah said.

He said it was clear from the demonstrations that, “President Nicolas Maduro and his government and party have significant public support.” Abdulah said he supports the initiative of Caricom to seek to engage other international bodies like the United Nations with respect to mediating a peaceful resolution to deal with the political and socio-economic crises in Venezuela.

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