Sexy Suzie wins Calypso Queen crown

Sexy Suzie
Sexy Suzie

After competing for the Calypso Queen title for some 27 years, Natasha Nurse, better known as Sexy Suzie finally copped the coveted crown with a social commentary written by Larry Harewood titled, De Wrong Name.

Hosted by the National Women’s Action Committee (NWAC), the show was held at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s on Monday night.

Speaking on her victory Suzie said: “I am over happy, I’m proud, I feel like all my hard work over the years have played off for my NJAC school, because I learnt a lot from NJAC as the years went by.”

Previously, Suzie’s highest placings came years ago when she placed fourth with a song called Insufficient Time, and about five years ago, she came fifth with a selection called The Maury Show.

Suzie said with a laugh: “Yes, I was collecting pension quietly and ain’t saying nothing. But from here on I am looking at the National Calypso Monarch title and I am working very hard at getting into the semi finals because the judges are coming to our tent (Kalypso Revue) next Friday, so that is my next project."

Suzie said she was targeting that competition very seriously because she thinks it is time that she steps up her game.

“I’m happy to be here too knowing that a humorous calypsonian was queen. That is a kind of double crown on my head. My next step is monarch.”

Suzie’s winning composition speaks to the tough experiences people go through at the social welfare offices. She said: “Social welfare should be called social hellfare, hence the song title De Wrong Name.

“As a caregiver, I went to the social welfare office to help my patient get their pension and when I saw the way the elders were treated there, it started to incense me. I started taking notes and I told myself , as soon as my patients get their pension I would sing about all the things I was watching....all who have bobo foot, all who came in wheelchairs and how they were treated, security putting some of them out.... how welfare officers were bouffing them up...people with cataract, arthritis, things were terrible.”

Suzie said a whole lot more respect ought to be shown to elders, and there should be a better system for the handicapped, mentally- disabled and aged patients. “I use to go four o’clock in the morning and sometimes leave 3.30 in the evening, so I say if I am fed-up as a young person I could only imagine how these people feel. So I decided to let social welfare know how I feel.”

She insisted: “This really wasn’t bout competition as much as it was about letting social welfare know people have feelings too. The fact that God has blessed me with a voice, I could sing how I feel on matters that concern me.”

Suzie over the years would normally perform humorous calypsoes with double meaning but now she says she is concentrating more on social commentaries.

2019 Calypso Queen results

1st place - Natasha Nurse (Sexy Suzie) – De Wrong Name

2nd place - Sonia Francis (Singing Sonia) – Shadow’s Message

3rd place - Allison Bernard (Warrior Empress) – The You in You

4th place - Alana Sinnette-Khan (Lady Watchman) – Pressure Dose Buss Pipe

5th place - Kerine Williams-Figaro (Tiny) – Slipping Away

6th place - Tiffany Paul – Even Though

7th place - Jerrisha Duncan-Regis – Big Fat Zero

8th place - Lesley-Ann Ellis – Yuh Wanna Fight

9th place - Choc’late Allen – Kettle

10th place - Meguella Simon – Wakanda Forever


"Sexy Suzie wins Calypso Queen crown"

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