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Thursday 23 May 2019
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Mitchell: The law is the law

Tourism Minister Randall Mitchel
Tourism Minister Randall Mitchel

TOURISM Minister Randall Mitchell says the law of TT is the law and no one is above it.

This comes in light of Canadian Brain Doubt recounting to Canadian media, Kelowna Now, his arrest in TT for three empty bullet shell casings while in transit through Piarco International Airport. Doubt spent a week in Maximum Security Prison (MSP) and was made to pay a fine of $5,000.

Mitchell told Newsday, citizens, residents, in-transit travellers and tourists are all subject to the laws of TT. He added that police “are also subjected to the laws of TT and have little to no discretion in the exercise of their function.”

When TT welcomes visitors, Mitchell said, implied in the welcome is that “they must obey the laws of TT in the same way” TT citizens “are subject to and must obey and observe the laws of the jurisdictions they travel to including Canada.”

“This is widely known and accepted as axiomatic in the world of international travel,” Mitchell said.

Doubt was charged with possession of ammunition without a licence and attempting to board an aircraft with ammunition.

He has since warned others about travel anywhere outside of Canada or North America “where the justice system is run by unscrupulous entities.” The video drew many comments on social media with some saying they would not visit TT and others defending TT.

Saying the matter put him under financial strain, Doubt has started a GoFundMe account.

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