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Thursday 23 May 2019
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Campari honours partners

MC Jason Williams with the Campari Girls.
MC Jason Williams with the Campari Girls.

IT was a night of celebration as Campari representatives honoured their cherished partners at a reception held at Vas Lounge in St Clair last Wednesday.

Those partners included mas bands Caesar’s Army, Tribe, Rogue, Fantasy and Lost Tribe; supermarkets Tru Valu, Massy, JTA and X-tra Foods; local and regional artistes and DJs.

Darren Belmar, Amco business unit head of liquor department.

Darren Belmar, Amco business unit head – liquor department told guests on the night: “Tonight is essentially about Campari and saying thank you for a fantastic 2018. We had certain partnerships last year that really worked well. We were inside the mas bands on the road, inside their drinks trucks, our goal was to get Campari on the lips of every TT person.”

Former WI star cricketer Brian Lara with event coordinator Jason Baptiste.

He also said the night was about coming together as the Campari global tag line states: “Come Together.”

Belmar said: “Campari, that comes from Italy, now has a strong base in the Caribbean, and it is appreciated mixed with all sorts of fruit juices, or with water, or on the rocks.

“Campari will continue to express itself on a global look and feel.”

Tribe’s Dean Ackin and Leah Guevara.

Outside of the Carnival season Amco hosts Campari nights, as well as go to the key bars in the country.

“We do different cocktails and promotions throughout the year and we also do Campari a week, to coincide with its global week that started in Italy. We’d like to have Campari Week June/July.”

Belmar was particularly pleased that there is a strong Campari consumer base in Tobago.

Campari girl Serena Salazar is flanked by Valmiki Maharaj, left, and Kevin Farrick of Lost Tribe.

Glen Rogers, director of the liquor department, Amco said: “Over the last year we’ve worked hard to build this brand, we still have a long way to go, but what we have seen, has given us so much encouragement.”

He too spoke of the special connection Campari has with Tobago, then stated that as they continue to build the brand and interact with the general public of TT, “what we are doing is slowly building a force. With this strong following of brand ambassadors for Campari, we are basically going to take TT by storm.”

Soca star Swappi entertains guests.

One of Campari’s main brand ambassador is Bunji Garlin (Ian Alvarez).

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