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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Arima band presents Jewels of the Earth

Triple T and Associates presents the 2019 Carnival portrayal of Jewels on Earth.
Triple T and Associates presents the 2019 Carnival portrayal of Jewels on Earth.

By Angelo Marcelle

CARNIVAL 2019 may be the final run for Triple T and Associates bandleader, Diane Didier.

The Arima-based band launched its 2019 presentation, Jewels of the Earth, on Saturday night at its Tumpuna Square band room.

In an interview, Didier gave a cryptic comment about the band’s future.

“If I tell you this is my last year, what would you say?" she asked, but before another question could be asked, she, just as mysteriously, said, You know what, never mind;” dismissing any further discussion on the issue.

Four sections were presented to the band’s loyal masqueraders: Mangrove, Crystal Stream, Black Gold and Cleansing Fire.

Triple T’s designer Rosalie Perelion; organiser Humphrey Didier and mas production manager Darius Quamina-Nurse, hope to win the Arima Carnival Committee’s Large Band category for a sixth straight year with the portrayal.

The band has also placed second and third on several occasions.

What Dedier did tell Newsday was: “What I would like to see us go around the Dial as we did before and build the stands to get people to come around the savannah (Princess Royal Park). When you hit the main street (Queen Street), it feels like you're playing mas.”

In the last two years, Arima mas bands were rerouted from the heart of the eastern borough and instead have to go around Princess Royal Park. While some bandleaders have agreed to the change, others have not.

Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian said bands wanting to pass by the Arima Dial can privately arrange with the police for an escort.

Triple T will also compete on Carnival Tuesday in Arima and their King and Queen will compete in the national event in Port of Spain.

Caption: BAND LAUNCH: Models present Triple T and Associates' 2019 Carnival portrayal of Jewels of the Earth at the band's launch on Saturday. Photo by Angelo Marcelle

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