US meddling

THE EDITOR: This Venezuela business is not getting any better with the assistance of Donald Trump.

Understand this, I really do not like Maduro. That is my personal feeling. I think he is the reason Venezuela is in the state it's in today. When Chavez was in charge we never saw this level of poverty and so many people actually trying their best to leave their country for 'greener pastures.' The only difference between the way Venezuela is today and the way it was under Chavez is Maduro.

That being said, I am one also not in agreement with interfering in people's business. Let them solve their problems. They created it. Do not intervene. Help if you're asked in a way that does not benefit one side over the other if you could but do not take it upon yourself to interfere. No interference, no intervention.

Once again US politicians behaving as though they know everything and they're always right. Typical US behaviour. Inviting themselves into things that do not concern them and taking sides. Not only that, encouraging other country's politicians to side with them. Not only that, giving other countries an ultimatum: "Side with me or suffer the consequences," in other people's business.

And it seems some countries are afraid of the US. Some of them actually acceded to the dictates of that country. Actually, I can understand their attitude, bearing in mind the dangerous idiot in the American White House. But, like our Prime Minister, I prefer to stand on principle. In the end we will see that was the best course of action regardless to what our dotish, idiotic parliamentary Opposition does or says.

Glen Providence via e-mail


"US meddling"

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