Mind your own business PM

THE EDITOR: Our beloved PM trying to make a mark on the international stage and ignoring major problems at home.

Question: If you can’t be respected amongst your own people what chance others will believe your story?

Let’s list some of the many home grown problems which should be getting the attention of our PM:

• Murder capital;

• No balanced budget in the past or anticipated;

• Vagrants and homelessness visible everywhere in the city;

• No plan to manage flooding during rainy season;

• Staggering food import bill for food which can and should be grown locally;

• Three high-cost boat purchases for Tobago still major problems but many excuses;

• Pot holes everywhere in the city;

• Defective or non existent essential supplies at our public hospitals;

• A burgeoning class of uneducated citizens;

• Garbage everywhere. What is the EMA for?;

• Non preservation of our historical sites; and

• Non performance with ministers and ministries.

Has the Government ever fired any senior public official for non performance?

Since he is meeting with other Latin leaders how is his Spanish?

Gordon Laughlin, Westmoorings


"Mind your own business PM"

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