Blame Kamla bandwagon

THE EDITOR: Well well the UNC Opposition is such a convincing mega-force in TT politics, speaking with such a powerful and convincing voice, language and communications skills that it silenced and neutralised the huge publicity and propaganda apparatus controlled by the PNM Government.

According to Lok Jack, Sandals paid more attention to the Opposition's concerns than those assurances provided by Minister Young, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and even Lok Jack’s own recommendations.

Blame the Opposition for every failure that happens in TT is as unconvincing as it is a convenient and hackneyed sign of the weaknesses of Government paralysis.

The pivotal player/agent provacateur in scuttling the Sandals Scandal was the quintessential professional and patriot, Afra Raymond. He is side-lined in blaming the Opposition bandwagon because Lok Jack appears to have more in the mortar than the pestle.

Has he lined up to bid for some Government goody and possibly paving the way for a nod by this outlandish and ridiculous accusation? Why did he not intervene after the CEO of Sandals imputed negative publicity and bad media as the reasons for its pull out and tell us the real reason then?

Is he now a cog in the PNM propaganda machinery to create conditions for success in 2020? Lok Jack should stay in retirement mode and just count the millions that TT and his business prowess have generated for him and preserve the unblemished image of his successful entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

He appears pathetic and, now, very politically contaminated. He will lose all his well-earned enterprising credibility with his superficial posturing and foolishness in aligning with the "blame the Opposition" syndrome that no longer resonates with us the people.

But this premeditated false allegation and hearsay is a good indicator of a Government that has lost its way and the centre is no longer holding whether in domestic or foreign affairs management.



"Blame Kamla bandwagon"

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