Proven wrongby West Indies

THE EDITOR: Just when I had completely written off the West Indies cricket team, I have once again been proven wrong by a sport that has a reputation for being one of the most unpredictable.

The West Indies cricketers continue to dominate England in the three-match Test series with victory in the first match and they are showing no signs of letting England off the hook in the second now being played in Antigua.

I hope they can keep this up for some time so that we can once again be proud of the region in terms of its cricketing prowess and return West Indies cricket to the top of the world standings.

I had stopped watching West Indies Test cricket because of the constant disappointment from the players’ dismal displays and lack of fighting spirit. However, in this Test series they are proving me and many other critics wrong with their excellent cricketing skills and hunger to succeed.

At this point they look as though they are going to win the Test series. Congratulations! I hope I am not celebrating too soon and getting my hopes up too high that cricket does not prove me wrong again.



"Proven wrongby West Indies"

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