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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Nikkiland back on next Sunday

Nikki Crosby
Nikki Crosby

On February 10, Nikkiland will be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah from 1-5 pm, and, says Nikki Crosby, promoter of the event: “This year it’s all about ‘famalay.’ We are encouraging all to bring families out, because it is going to be a family affair.”

Crosby confirmed this to Newsday yesterday. On Monday Crosby decided to cancel Nikkiland owing to lack of sponsorship, but that night she got a call from power soca couple Fay-Ann and Bunji.

She said they told her, “Nicks, you got to do this, it is important. What can we do to help?”

“This kind of got the ball rolling,” she said, “and Tuesday morning when I woke up I got another call to assist, and by lunchtime I sort of scraped together a little money so we could start to do what we have to do.”

Crosby said things had been going “at a pace” since the injection from Fay-Ann and Bunji because it would take extra work to get the show back on the road after the cancellation. She added that the sponsors who usually gave away a lot of products to the children were back on board, and even those who could not help in that way had offered press ads and other types of assistance.

Among the sponsors on board are Hadco and AS Bryden and the National Lotteries Control Board. “Nikkiland is a private event, yes, but it is for the children of TT.”

Crosby has promised new and exciting rides for the children, and says they will have a ball as they usually do at Nikkiland.

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