Double lane for Thompson bridge

Work on the Thompson Bridge along the Old Milford Road will begin at the end of February, Infrastructure Secretary Kwesi des Vignes said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the post Executive Council media briefing at the Division of Tourism in Scarborough, Des Vignes said the one-lane bridge would be expanded to two lanes and reinforced to support up to ten-wheeler trucks.

He said construction would take 15 months.

“The Division of Infrastructure is working on the bye pass… we are looking at putting abutments on both sides and of course install a bailey bridge so that the Milford Road is not cut off at that point. We want to maintain the flow of vehicular traffic maintaining the old Milford Road as an alternative to the Claude Noel Highway,” he said.

In June 2018, the Lambeau River Bridge along the Old Milford Road was reconstructed at a cost of just over $14 million.


"Double lane for Thompson bridge"

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