Chaguanas woman had stroke after wrong drug given at Mt Hope

A CHAGUANAS pensioner who had a stroke after being given the wrong drug for a gallbladder infection at the Mt Hope Hospital in April last year has sued the North Central Regional Health Authority for negligence.

Soorsatee Bassaw, 69, of Mc Lean Street, Enterprise, is seeking compensation for pain and suffering because of the hospital’s treatment of her from March 30-April 5, 2018.

Her lawsuit was filed on January 18 by her attorney Larry Lalla.

According to the negligence claim, Bassaw went to the Chaguanas Health Facility on March 27, complaining of stomach pains.

She was sent to the Mt Hope hospital for further tests and diagnosed with a gallbladder infection. She was admitted to the hospital and put on an intravenous drip and antibiotics.

Three days later, she was transferred to the cardiology ward and given medication.

Her condition deteriorated dramatically and she complained of headaches, nausea, feeling drowsy and disoriented, the lawsuit said.She repeatedly fell while trying to use the washroom and had to be restrained. Her speech also became slurred and she began vomiting.

Bassaw’s claim said when her relatives complained to nurses about her sudden deterioration, their concerns were flippantly ignored and they were told it was because her blood-pressure medication had been stopped.

The lawsuit said a doctor who looked at her, at her son’s request, ordered the restraints to be loosened as they were too tight and said it appeared she was having a stroke.

A CT scan was ordered, and after looking at Bassaw's chart, the doctor told her son that one of the medication she was given was for people who had seizures and questioned why this was done, since she was not admitted with a history of seizures.

The CT scan was done on April 1, which showed she had had a stroke.

Over the next three days, her condition improved and the lawsuit said at a meeting with two of the hospital’s doctors, relatives were told she had been given the wrong drug and had had a stroke.

The doctors said for three days Bassaw was given Carbamazephine in error instead of Carbimazole, which should have been administered. They said the error in medication and the stroke could have accounted for her symptoms.


"Chaguanas woman had stroke after wrong drug given at Mt Hope"

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