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Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Humour at Monarchs

Hamidullah was the toast of the evening.
Hamidullah was the toast of the evening.


MONARCHS on the Avenue provided patrons with a beautiful calypso show entitled Humour at Monarchs which featured some of the funniest entertainers in the business.

Hamidullah was the clown prince of the evening with some of the most witty songs you will hear. He had the audience in stitches with his rendition of Stick of Match and Yuh Cyar Land as well as From a Distance, at the January 24 event.

Sweet Jean continued the laughter but this time she added a touch of rudeness with Wrong Road and some jokes. She was followed by Funny whose antics on stage evoked laughter. He sang Time Really Flies and Accident.

Myron B and Kid Callaloo

Kid Kallaloo added so much more laughter with his songs about his hard luck when it came to women. He too had every member of the audience rolling with laughter.

Perennial favourite Trinidad Rio took the audience Back to Basics and No Drawers and had them all singing along with him. One member of the audience was serenaded as Rio wanted her to work with him as a joiner.

The evening ended with the wit and humour of The Incredible Myron B who was a perfect fit in that slot. Eunice Peters has grown into a wonderful master of ceremonies and had the audience engaged throughout the show.

Funny on point.

Music was supplied by Len Cummings and the Wailers

The 2016 Calypso Monarch Duane O’Connor, owner of Monarch, seems to have hit the right spot with this new establishment which seeks to bring a weekly calypso show to calypso lovers. Something which was missing from the capital city since the demise of the Mas Camp Pub on French Street and Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook.


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