Wake up Mr PM

THE EDITOR: There is a famous saying that one should stay quiet and let everyone think them foolish than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. This situation with our PM volunteering an opinion in the matter concerning the volatile situation in Venezuela speaks to this famous saying.

The international community including the US, Britain and Canada among others have all denounced Maduro’s’ reign as illegitimate and without merit. So now we are supporting other authoritarian regimes like Russia and Cuba as our new-found friends.

A question has arisen in my mind: is our PM trying to elevate his reputation on the world stage? In my opinion all that will be achieved is to be considered a fool. What can Venezuela do for us (gas pipe line/Dragon deal not yet signed) Not to mention bankrupt Russia and Cuba. There is bound to be negative fallout from this misguided move.

To say that he is for peace is another misnomer. That’s a job for the UN and they too are helpless. What a mess.

Instead of providing humanitarian assistance and safe refuge to those fleeing this corrupt brutal regime our PM is costing up with this tyrant.

Mr PM please wake up and smell the coffee.

Gordon Laughlin, Westmoorings


"Wake up Mr PM"

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