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Thursday 23 May 2019
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UN must avert crisis

Dookeran on Venezuela leadership fallout

Winston Dookeran
Winston Dookeran

Former foreign affairs minister Winston Dookeran yesterday said he welcomed the involvement of the United Nations (UN) in resolving the socio-political upheaval in Venezuela, which resulted in a bold move to remove the country’s controversial leader Nicolas Maduro, from office.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido is being recognised as the strife-torn South-American nation’s interim president by several countries, led by the United States (US).

Dookeran, who served as foreign affairs minister in the former People’s Partnership government from 2012 to 2015, told Sunday Newsday: “I think it is necessary for the United Nations to intervene with the view of averting any chaotic violence and also to find a pathway in order to transition towards democracy. I tink this is an appropriate time to do so.”

Dookeran’s support of a possible UN intervention in Venezuela, follows and emergency video conference meeting among Caricom heads on Thursday to seek an urgent audience with the UN Secretary General to request its assistance in resolving the issue.

Supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas protest in front of US Embassy in Mexico City, yesterday. The US is urging all nations to support Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido even as Russia is accusing the Trump administration of attempting “to engineer a coup d’etat” against President Nicolas Maduro.

Caricom heads, backed by their guiding principles of non-interference in the the internal affairs of countries, have agreed to not intervene in the Venezuelan crisis.

Dookeran said he felt Caribbean governments have lost a great opportunity in the past in trying to find a constructive solution to the matter “by really not taking any positions of significance.”

He said several countries around the world was now taking stock of the extent of unrest in Venezuela.

“They are beginning to feel a sense of anguish that the matter cannot be solved by traditional dialogue nor would it be solved by internal dialogue within Venezuela.”

He added: “By the world, I mean the Latin American countries as well as the United States and even Europe that Mr Guaido, is, indeed, the president of the National Assembly.”

Dookeran said the legitimacy of the National Assembly needed to be re-established as the first step in trying to restore the democratic institutions in Venezuela.

“I think all these matters should be brought in a renewed effort under the auspices of the United Nations.”

Dookeran said the problems confronting Venezuela were “complexed and fraught with the prospect of chaotic violence evolving.”

“It is now time for the world to evoke the right to protect, which is part of the diplomatic arsenal that is available to the United Nations.

“So, I hope that that will happen and in that new process an appropriate arrangement can be made even with the Maduro regime and the uprising that appears to be happening now in Venezuela.”

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