Decomposing body found in Cedros


POLICE are calling for the public to help them to identify the body of a decomposing man found in a coconut estate near mangroves in Icacos, Cedros.

A farmer who was tending to his goats discovered the body at about 7 pm on Saturday, about a mile off the Southern Main Road in Icacos. The man was wearing waterproof trousers, a pair of boots and a t-shirt. Police said there were no visible signs of injuries and the district medical officer believed the man died about two to three days before the discovery.

There were no forms of identification on the body. Hunters frequent the area to hunt wild animals such as agoutis and armadillos, commonly called tattoos. Crab catchers also hunt crabs in the mangroves.

Homicide Bureau Region III and South Western Division police are investigating.

People with information are asked to call Cedros police at 690-1196.


"Decomposing body found in Cedros"

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