UNC must reinvent itself

THE EDITOR: As the sky is blue and the Pope is always a Roman Catholic, the only way for the UNC to comprehensively beat the PNM at the polls, is to be part of a coalition. What the UNC needs to take on board is that they have to totally reinvent themselves. They have to bite the bullet and swear/sign to equally share political power.

You cannot take coalition votes and then treat with their leaders like former girlfriends/boyfriends. A little gift here, a little gift there, call you every now and then, just to say you are still friends. If the UNC-led Opposition is not into power sharing, forget it. 2010 - 2015 cannot happen again. The electorate is not supposed to suffer more blatant hypocrisy.

Allegations of nepotism were rife. Preferential treatment was allegedly seen regarding goods, services and everything else. Forget about who told lies, please. We watched it happen.

It is alleged that in 2010, once you collected the money wrapped up in the UNC jersey and voted, that was it for the unsuspecting poor. Did the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) pull out early because of blatant disrespect regarding power sharing? The COP and NJAC politically withered away slowly on the political vine, their supporters soured and bitter.

Before taking another walk down memory lane, coalition aspirants should insist on an MOU regarding treatment and power sharing. But this is TT politics, which is supposed to have a morality of its own. So it is advisable to not hold your breath. The UNC cannot be compared to Sandals. It is is not reputed to be a holiday in paradise. The only similarity to Sandals is that decision making rests entirely with the owners and founders of that entity.

We know who owns the UNC and it is often rumoured that the UNC is controlled by a cabal. In local parlance, I say to those who wish to form a fresh coalition with the UNC, "allyuh go nah!"

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin


"UNC must reinvent itself"

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