Autopsy reveals two shots to chest


SHELDON SUKHDEO was shot twice in the chest. A pathologist confirmed this yesterday after relatives positively identified his body.

Even though the body was partially decomposed, relatives were able to identify him by a tattoo of his name on his right forearm.

They have told police they paid, to the men who kidnapped him in December, $300,000 in three separate payments hoping that the 32-year-old man would be released.

Sources at the Anti-Kidnapping Unit said relatives went to different locations where the payments were made.

Initially, a ransom demand of $2 million was made for Sukhdeo’s release, but relatives negotiated with the kidnappers who agreed to be paid in tranches. Police believe Sukhdeo was killed on Sunday.

A senior police source said, “They never wanted to release Sheldon. They just wanted to see how much cash and other valuables they could solicit from his relatives. And we believe Sheldon knew his kidnappers, so there is no way he could have been released even after cash was paid.”

Investigators also believe the Chaguanas businessman was kept at various locations prior to his murder. “We believe he was taken to the forest in Las Lomas on Sunday where he was shot dead, and his face bashed in. We also believe he was tortured and may have been deprived of food and water.”

His mother, Angela, and brother, Ceron, were inconsolable on Tuesday when they heard his body was found.

Police later showed relatives photos of the body, and because of the clothing he had on and tattoos on his body, a positive identification was made.

Investigators are working on information that a gang leader may be responsible killing Sukhdeo.

On December 16 last year, he was snatched by men dressed in police uniform and bundled into a SUV with blue flashing lights close to Gasparillo on the Solomon Hochoy Highway.

He was driving his BMW and was with two Venezuelan women and a Venezuelan man.

Relatives were able to get a proof of life four days after he was kidnapped and he begged his mother and brother to pay the ransom. They were unable to speak with him after that conversation.


"Autopsy reveals two shots to chest"

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