Sukhdeo kidnappers paid $300,000

IDENTIFYING MARK: This tattoo of the name
IDENTIFYING MARK: This tattoo of the name "Sheldon" seen circled on the right forearm of kidnap victim Sheldon Sukhdeo was used by police yesterday to identify a body which they found in the forests in Las Lomas No. 2, as that of the father of two who was kidnapped five weeks ago.

POLICE said relatives of murdered kidnap victim Sheldon Sukhdeo paid his kidnappers $300,000 in three separate payments, hoping this would secure the 32-year-old man's safe release.

Sources at the Anti-Kidnapping Unit said after relatives made the payments, they were promised that Sukhdeo would be released.

Initially, a ransom demand of $2 million was made for Sukhdeo’s release, but relatives negotiated with the kidnappers who agreed to be paid in portions. Police believe Sukhdeo was killed on Sunday and the kidnappers never had any intention of freeing him.

The police said, "They never wanted to release Sheldon. They just wanted to see how much cash and other valuables they could get from his relatives. We believe Sheldon knew his kidnappers, so there is no way he could have been released, even after cash was paid."


"Sukhdeo kidnappers paid $300,000"

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