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Saturday 24 August 2019
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Abusive husband jailed for 48 months

A MAN felt the full brunt of the law a short while ago in San Fernando when a magistrate jailed him for 48 months for beating a woman and pulling her hair out.

Magistrate Alicia Chankar sentenced Meetra Chaitram, 46, of Gandhi Village, Debe, for the beating and breach of a protection order, during which he had accused the woman of being unfaitful to him. It is the stiffest jail sentence handed down in the magistrates' court in a domestic violence dispute.

Chaitram pleaded guilty to both charges laid by PC Anderson Maingot of the San Fernando Police Station who on Monday responded to a report at about 5.45 pm. Chankar heard from police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan that when Maingot investigated the woman's report, he discovered that an order was enforced against Chaitram. The order debarred him from going close to the woman. She had obtained that order against him on July 5,2016.

Seedan said Chaitram cuffed the woman on the head. As he sat in the dock, Chankar asked the woman, seated in the courtroom, to step forward. In answer to the magistrate, the woman accused Chaitram of pulling out her hair.

She is a mother of five. She said that the beating occurred in the presence of one of her sons.

Seedan said that when Maingot had questioned Chaitram, he replied, "Officers, meh .......horning meh and I hit she a slap."

Chankar ordered him to serve 24 months in jail on each charge. He will spend 48 calender months than four prison years. At the discretion of the prison authorities based on a prisoner's behaviour, a prison year is counted as eight months. But when a magistrate's sentence is given in months, the entire period is served.

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