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Thursday 22 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

They had to salvage their brand

THE EDITOR: Some people have it to say that it could not be their reputation or their "brand" Sandals was trying to protect when they terminated the deal because that had already been badly damaged. Hear my argument...isn't that the best reason to leave?

Unless your reputation is damaged beyond repair and your intention is to "close up shop," wouldn't you be trying your best to get it back to where it used to be? How could that happen if you are trying to rebuild your "brand" and your reputation in a place where people making unfounded and damaging allegations against you without even a shred of concrete evidence all in their own selfish political interests? Allegations that I understand were taken up by international media houses for the world to see?

Others saying Sandals left basically because the government was being too secretive. That has got to be the most dotish argument I have heard in this scenario. What does the government being secretive have to do with Sandals? Isn't that between the government and the people of TT? Sandals, according to an unbinding MOU, had a sweetheart deal. Everything was in their favour...EVERYTHING! So, with everything in their favour, they left because the TT government was being 'secretive' to its people? Does that make sense to anybody? In any case, as big as this thing was and as small as TT is comparatively, for how long would those details have been kept a secret? Even if the Government wanted to keep it a secret...which it seems to me they did not?

Finally...the Opposition is telling the Prime Minister to stop playing the "blame game." First...there should be nothing to blame you for. Second...no denials or rebuttals of what the Prime Minister said. Third and most important...it is not the Prime Minister who laid the blame at your feet, it was Sandals. The Prime Minister just reiterated what was said by Sandals. And like a mature adult he even accepted some of blame to be on the shoulders of the Government. But not them. Nothing is never their fault. That must be why they're in opposition.

Glen Providence via e-mail

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