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Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Dr Rowley shoulda if he coulda

"Playing yuh games, yuh get yuh tail cut…and after that is ifs and buts… If ah coulda…ah woulda…"

THE EDITOR: Listening to Dr Rowley speaking about the Sandals debacle, I remembered the genius of Shadow. After squeezing our foot for two and a half years, the sandals finally burst. This was no one size fit all and clearly no proper measurements were taken for the Tobago foot print. To compound the problem, the natives here were too bright to be easily "butchered."

Suddenly we are receiving a Greenvale-style deluge of information that reeks of toe jam. All about thousands of jobs lost for example. With the Sandals now off, the media is summoned to receive a bare-footed kick in their collective behind for daring to carry dissenting voices in defence of our national patrimony. Apparently, our sovereignty is only affirmed with respect to Venezuela, not Jamaica. We are told we "shoulda" understood the memoranda of understanding, if only we "coulda" see it without help from Afra Raymond.

Anyway, the MOU was really a misunderstanding of how the Sandals supposed to fit. Criticisms were premature, since no agreement existed to critique. It wasn’t premature, however, to extol the virtues of luxury Sandals as the cure-all for TT, even more effective than balisier juice! Surely, costs should be juxtaposed against benefits? I know they "woulda" give us the costs eh, environmental and all, if only they "coulda…"

At any rate, now the Sandals have run away, because here we play mas with boots, it’s time to count our losses. Since TT is the only place where you can lose what you never had, I expect the government owes compensation to many. It seems sad that we’ve lost the billion dollar investment that Sandals was making with our own tax dollars!! Who is going to foot this massive bill for this lost Sandals?

I believe Dr Rowley "shoulda" just been more transparent about this Sandals, and if he "coulda" then he "shoulda…"

Thank God for the life and genius of Shadow!

Andrew Cross, Tacarigua

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