Bands go for Hookin Meh

NLCB Fonclaire
NLCB Fonclaire


THE most popular song for 2019 Carnival Hookin Meh by Darryl Farmer Nappy Henry has become a sort of “test piece” for Conventional Large bands in Panorama.

Five bands, led by defending champions BPTT Renegades will be playing Hookin Meh; very early arranger Duvone Stewart and the management and players chose the song as a leading contender. They waited a bit to hear other songs before making it the tune of choice.

Second place CAL Skiffle is also coming to town with Hookin Meh arranged by Marc Brooks, Kendal Williams and Odie Franklyn.

FCB Supernovas is also playing Hookin Meh arranged by Amrit Samaroo while all-time contenders Shell Invaders will play Arddin Herbert’s arrangement of the same song.

The surprise move of internationally-acclaimed arranger Robert Greenidge to birdsong has also seen that band playing Hookin Meh.

Farmer Nappy told Newsday he is honoured to see so many bands playing his song, “ I will not choose one over the other I will be on stage with everyone of them. I just cannot be selfish about this. Look how easy

Nadia (Batson) gave me the song. I want to make it clear, without Nadia there would have been no Hookin Meh.”

Road March and Soca Monarch champion Austin SuperBlue Lyons’ Rag Storm will be played by Nutrien Silver Stars, Republic Bank Exodus and T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps arranged by Professor Liam Teague, Pelham Goddard and Clarence Morris respectively.

NLCB Fonclaire will pay tribute to their late arranger Ken Professor Philmore with a Darren Sheppard composed and arranged song, Heart of Love.

Hadco Phase II Pan Groove will play Ultimate Rejects and Swappi’s Party Start arranged by Len Boogsie Sharpe while La Brea Nightingales will also play Party Start arranged by Richard Gittens.

Arranger Keith Salcedo has returned to MHTL Starlift and will go with Voice’s Alive and Well.

All time wining Panorama leaders Desperadoes and arranger Carlton Zanda Alexander have chosen Nailah Blackman’s Iron Love while Redemption Sound Setters’ arranger Michael Toby will be doing the same song.

Debutante in the large band category NLCB Buccooneers will be playing Madness as arranged by Seion Gomez.

Up until press time Massy Trinidad All Stars (Leon Smooth Edwards), Harmonites and Genesis Pan Groove have not submitted their tune of choice.


"Bands go for Hookin Meh"

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