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Sunday 18 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Really, Minister Young, really?

THE EDITOR: The televised withdrawal by Sandals Resort International apparently was predicated on, as Minister Extraordinaire Stuart Young said a “handful” of critics, now where on God’s green earth a few regular folk is given such power, particularly when the proposed resort benefits out weight the minority concerns!

Was there any attempt to sway opinion, as the PM’s recent your money your business presentation? Or simply a case of there is more in the mortar than the pestle.

The explanation by the chairman CEO of Sandals was very clear, they did not feel as welcomed here, as other islands, but the learned gentleman quickly realized that Trinidadians are more analytical and critical as our sharp reporters probed robustly for a realistic answer.

Henceforth the Government, who as we all now know “prematurely” made prospective plans for Tobago Tourism without at least seeking the people thoughts on the matter, it was deemed not important then, but suddenly it has become the deal breaker?

Minister Stuart Young’s tautology might have been convincing to himself, a replacement for logical reasoning, what remains now is whether Tobagonians feel relief or loss , the proposed project seemed to excite the PM more than the locals, leaving Tobago without the Sandal Foot Print blown away by the mighty few, bewildering the majority, yet again a PNM Production.

Colin Fortune

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