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Saturday 17 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Govt, how can you hire this man?

THE EDITOR: Take a minute, remove the propaganda he has pedaled about the PP, take another minute and remove the anti-UNC narrative he so passionately leads.

How is it that in 2019, this government can use our monies to employ an individual who has on numerous occasions attacked religions and ethnicities within Trinidad and Tobago...a country that promotes unity, a place where every creed and race has an equal place? The thing is we aren’t complaining about allegations of racism or bigotry, but matters of fact. I’m certain if one does a simple search of the “creative individual” according to Minister Le Hunte you will see hundreds of distasteful posts.

Is this the example our government is setting? That it’s ok to promote intolerance? At the end of the day, its asinine to lambaste discrimination on one hand then praise on the other hand.

Alvin K. Daniel
ia email

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