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Thursday 20 June 2019
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McDonald’s launches new chicken sandwiches

TWO chicken sandwiches created by McDonald’s, “Hot and Spicy” and “Ready to Lime”, both with distinctly flavoured sauces will battle each other via customer votes to see which will be a permanent fixture on McDonald’s menu.

Speaking at the launch of the locally-themed sandwiches, Kalifa Duncan, Operations Supervisor at Arcos Dorados Trinidad Ltd, said it is the first time customers will be able to choose which sandwich will remain on the menu and McDonald’s is very proud to celebrate this country’s vibrant culture with the launch of these two sandwiches.

The launch took place last Wednesday at McDonald’s Cipriani Boulevard outlet. Duncan said the sandwiches were truly made especially for local customers.

“We are excited to get into the Carnival season. We are sure our customers will enjoy these mouth-watering new offerings. We are looking forward to see which one of the sandwiches will be crowned King. In the Carnival spirit of competition for supremacy, the two sandwiches will be battling each other. Customers will have from now until February 9, to vote for their favourite sandwiches via McDonald’s Facebook page.”

The public was treated with fun games and family activities and also serenaded by Aaron Duncan with his 2019 song ‘Back to Basics’, while media personalities Joel Villafana and Keevan Lewis were on site to taste test the sandwiches and cast their votes.

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