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Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

My top ten wishes forNew Year

THE EDITOR: Here are my top ten wishes from my New Year wish list:

1. I wish Jack Warner would come to the realisation that Basdeo Panday should rest in peace, politically of course.

2. I wish that newspapers would stop promoting one-man “groups” with no structure, constitution or members, even of their families.

3. I wish the PTSC would understand its role and have the buses run as scheduled, as well as provide hand rails for the elderly at City Gate.

4. I wish that our national cricketers will brave the hot sun and win something for the people of TT. I also wish they stop bepping on themselves.

5. I wish Cricket West Indies replaces the selectors and stops selecting promising cricketers who can’t fulfil their promise.

6. I wish Watson Duke completes the famous swim to Tobago. I also wish he outruns the Galleon’s Passage in a pirogue. I wish in 2019 he continues to provide us with more comic relief.

7. I wish the national men’s football team wins a match convincingly. I wish it beat Wales.

8. I wish at the Chaguaramas Development Authority sees the need to open up a proper pathway to Chagville beach.

9. I wish that adults would stop sending children with a donation list to beg for money. Commissioner “Super Gary” Griffith should outlaw this practice.

10. I wish that all I have outlined here is not wishful thinking.


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