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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Businesses need security

THE EDITOR: Any place of business where large sums of cash must be regularly collected and transferred to a bank should have private security during working hours. And I mean at least two security guards with one being armed.

We all know the score. This is like going to an ATM to collect large amounts of cash alone or going to draw wages also on your own and walking back to your car.

What is the point of foolhardiness just to save a few dollars? What is the point in saying how safe it used to be “long time.” Long time was more than ten years ago.

It is distressing to hear that MP Fuad Khan’s wife and staff were once again held up and robbed at her pharmacy in Port of Spain last month. Twice within six weeks must see Mrs Khan and her employees feeling like nervous wrecks and sitting ducks.

Out there in the First World business places are responsible for having a certain amount of in-house security at all times. Anywhere selling food, drugs or alcohol in TT should have someone securing both patrons and staff.

Stop relying on people being nice. Nice people, like everything else, come at a nice price.


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Letters to the Editor