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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Blame game goes on, more debt coming

THE EDITOR: The growing pains of TT is so evident that little or no diagnosis is required. The symptoms by nature have produced feverish enactments, given distinctive determination by vigorous enforcement.

The incumbent Government in its wisdom or desperation has sought to exploit every available and conceivable option, from fuel price increases, selling shares and bonds, retrenchment, threatening fines and fees, all to achieve its fiscal affairs, which include prioritising the Sandals MOU, or a not so urgent but important highway, even maintaining an underutilised sporting academy.

The growing disregard, inattentiveness and apathy by political practitioners is unforgivable. It seems as though the Government and people are seated at different tables. (As one minister so aptly stated, “Oh the humanity.”)

The effects of this recession and a country in denial is bound to result in further debt and troubles, so with no genuine desire to look at the facts nor the desire to improve, it’s the same old overplayed blame game that has been stretched beyond fiction, intoxicating the flag-bearers with foolishness and a manifesto of lies.

So now beckons a people’s prime minister, the idealistic individual who loves these twin isles, who serves tirelessly and a light for our people in the dark times.


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Letters to the Editor