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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Three ideas to turn the country around

THE EDITOR: Here are three suggestions that may be of some benefit to our currently benighted country:

1. Government funding of different sports, uniforms, equipment, running of tournaments, payment of coaches and other officials.

This should be well advertised. Individuals should be encouraged to take part, especially those from poorer areas.

Liming contributes to one’s psychological health. However, spending an excessive amount of time liming is disastrous. It makes for laziness and indiscipline.

What TT needs are individuals with an entrepreneurial outlook and a stable value system who are committed to the principles of democracy and respect for the human rights of others. Hopefully, the educational system is contributing to this.

2. Government funding of TV shows/group discussions that focus on how to avoid and resolve interpersonal conflict.

This is urgently needed in our violence-prone society, especially for the younger generation. Too many Trinis are bullies, seeking public attention for criminal behaviour.

Many of those disposed to violent behaviour are likely brain damaged, emotionally immature, have a poor self-esteem, or are psychopathic. Assuming a public persona as a bad guy is a desperate search for public respect by inciting fear.

Since they commit evil actions they must be treated as evil people. As such the criminal justice system must impose heavy punishments. To do otherwise is to reinforce their evil behaviour patterns.

Those guilty of homicide must face either life in prison without parole or capital punishment, which, by the way, is the law of the land.

3. Government funding of TV shows/group discussions that focus on what are desirable parental skills and how to defuse or resolve marital conflict.

TT has individuals with the professional competence to examine these issues from different viewpoints in a public forum. While all people from different social classes and ethnic groups can benefit, information and advice must be such that the average or less well-educated listener can easily understand.

TT must extend its reach beyond that core of traditional knowledge it uses as the basis for its laws and social rules. It must go beyond its post-colonial patterns of behaviour and values.

Just as there are evil people walking around there are also good people from different religions, ethnic groups, and social classes. Let us make effective use of their skills and knowledge to help turn our society around.

KENNETH ASSEE, Port of Spain

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