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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Prisons Commissioner ‘alive and kicking’

Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson says he is “alive and kicking” after rumours of his death were circulated on Friday night.

Wilson said there was a What’s App voicenote that claimed he was shot and killed. He said he received many concerned phone calls and appreciated them. He added that he did not know who was “being mischievous” or the agenda of the person spreading the rumour.

“I am safe. Nobody tried to harm me. I have not been given any indication that anything untoward is supposed to happen to me so I continue my life as usual... The spiritual part of me tells me when things like this happens you just need to be aware so you just be on the alert.”

In a release debunking the rumour, the TTPS cautioned the public against using social media to spread false news and misinformation that could lead to needless panic and anxiety.

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