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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Kudos to PM on new innovative reporting style

THE EDITOR: I congratulate the Prime Minister on his report to the nation, delivered in two parts. The format, content and delivery represented a new style of reporting on the activities of government in a manner that is factual, detailed and easy to understand.

Special note of the presentation’s content must also be made as it gave citizens a better appreciation of where we were as a country, what was done to manage a difficult situation, where we are currently and the Government’s plans to get us where we need to be.

I was quite alarmed by the information which indicated that the actions of a previous government exacerbated an already tough situation. In particular the wastage of over $29 billion in cash.

These accusations were previously made in several public forums but I must admit this new presentation with clear statistics, graphs and other tools clearly brought the message home.

The PM provided a clear explanation of the economic hole we were in and how the Government was able to manage this difficult situation while protecting citizens from the brunt of a necessary adjustment.

As shown with a comparison of other countries, it could have been worse but due to deliberate, responsible management, we have weathered the storm better than most of our counterparts.

I am now a fan of the PM’s new innovative method of communicating with the citizens who are essentially the shareholders.

With a deeper sense of understanding of the problems this country faced, the responsible deliberate efforts of the Government, our improved circumstances and the optimistic future the Government is guiding us towards, we as citizens will be empowered to make the right decisions in our own personal lives for our benefit and the country at large.


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Letters to the Editor