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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Foodies celebration

The administrators pose for a picture.
The administrators pose for a picture.


THE administrators of 868 and Scorpion Pepper Food groups kept a year-end get together at The Garden Room, Glamorgan, Scott Street in St Augustine.

The brunch was to celebrate a successful year where thousands of food enthusiasts come together on line to show off their culinary skills. They even met twice in 2018 for a family and sports day and a 60th birthday party.

The baked snapper was the toast of the table.

The cool and cozy atmosphere at The Garden Room made the occasion even better as folks from Canada, London and USA came together on December 30. One member of 868, who runs Avion Events and Catering, provided food for the event.

Chef Avion Drayton greets her friend Paula Lezama from the UK.

She went all out with her dinner rolls, mustard and brown sugar ham, turkey breast, home-made sorrel jam, eggplant and spinach lasagna, tuna puffs, devilled eggs, sweet potato salad, chicken/beef pies and baked snapper.

Dessert also looks very good.

She topped it off with gingerbread cupcakes, chocolate cake and bailey frosting, carrot cake and assorted wines. The three-hour event saw the administrators planning for the new year while streaming parts of the event live on Facebook.

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