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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Beware of mice, toilet paper firm

THE EDITOR: There is a foreign company with operations in TT that recently issued a new brand of toilet paper which is so hard and rough that I had to write them. But they have totally ignored my correspondence.

This company was in some problems and, in 2016, the Government used my tax dollars to bail out their behinds (absolutely no pun intended) to the tune of US$5 million – for working capital and to save 400 jobs. This makes me an indirect investor in the company.

The fact that they have studiously chosen to ignore my letter tells me that I am a mouse to them. They would be well advised that mice can cause serious disruptions to organisations.

A customer who takes the time to write about a product deserves a response. Many organisations have discovered, to their chagrin, that social media is a very powerful tool for sending positive or negative messages.

Do not ignore the voice of customers.


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