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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Mechanic testifies to lending accused a cutlass

Koury trial resumes

MURDERED: Businessman 
Dr Eddie Koury who was decapitated. FILE PHOTO
MURDERED: Businessman Dr Eddie Koury who was decapitated. FILE PHOTO

MECHANIC Kenny Augustus today identified the man who allegedly confessed to beheading businessman Eddie Koury in 2005, as the person he loaned a cutlass one evening in September of that year.

Augustus was the State’s first witness for the year as the trial of five men resumed at the Port of Spain High Court after the Christmas break.

In his testimony, Augustus identified Shawn James as the person he loaned the cutlass. He could not remember the date, but said it was close to 6 pm when someone he referred to as Tall Man came into his garage at Kelly Village, Caroni, and asked to borrow a cutlass.

He did not know Tall Man’s real name, but later pointed out James from the prisoners’ dock at the First Criminal Court.

Augustus said he met James before on at least four previous occasions.

He did not see where James came from or how he got to the garage, but said he told him he had a cutlass.

“I told him take it if he wants it and he took it,” he said.

He said James left after he took the cutlass.

Augustus said around 3-4 pm on September 26, 2005, police came to his garage. He said now-retired Senior Supt Johnnie Abraham spoke to him and asked if he loaned anyone a cutlass.

“I said yes and he asked if that is the man you lend the cutlass, and I said yes.” Augustus said when Abraham asked him about the cutlass, the window of a heavily tinted police car was brought down and James was sitting in the back seat.

He said when he identified James the window went back up and he later gave a statement to police at the St Joseph police station.

Augustus said he never got the cutlass back.

He also denied he was forced by the police to give a statement or encouraged him to point out anyone.

He also said he was sure it was James who he loaned the cutlass.

Koury, the managing director of ISKO Enterprises Ltd, an import and distribution company based in the Macoya industrial estate, was abducted from his office on September 21, 2005. Two days later, his headless corpse was found in central Trinidad. His head has never been found.

According to James’ statement, he threw Koury’s head out at sea at Mosquito Creek. In one of his statements to police, James allegedly told them he borrowed the cutlass from a friend in Caroni.

Caleb Donaldson, Murray, Terry Moore and Robert Franklyn are also on trial for Koury’s murder. Justice Malcolm Holdip is presiding over the trial.

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