Inspection ofvehicles and death penalty

THE EDITOR: It is the law for vehicle owners to have their cars, vans, trucks inspected at certain periods. It is the law that anyone found guilty of murder would be hanged.

Owners were given an extended period to have their vehicles inspected, yet thousands of us chose to nonchalantly ignore the written law and continue to drive our vehicles uninspected.

And even after the Licensing Authority had given a six-month moratorium, many of us still choose to continue in our ignorance of the written law. Now that the authority has declared its seriousness about the deadline, suddenly there are long lines to comply with the law.

The new year is only days old and the murder figure is already showing signs of the possibility of surpassing last year’s 500 plus. If we were to apply a similar approach to the death penalty as we have with vehicle inspection, starting by carrying out the stipulated sentence on all condemned murderers, wouldn’t we see a drastic reduction in murders?

We are an independent nation, aren’t we? We were the last time I checked.

LLOYD RAGOO, Chaguanas


"Inspection ofvehicles and death penalty"

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