Inmates protect prison officers during fracas

Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson
Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson

Four prison officers were wounded during a confrontation with inmates at the remand facility at the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca, this morning.

Newsday understands inmates became irritated during a search of cells between 10 am and 11 am and refused to allow the officers entry.

The inmates were reportedly angry because they were asked to leave their cells during the search.

Some threw objects, including flower pots at the officers, injuring them.

Other inmates came to the defence of the officers before more prison officers could arrive.

While only four officers were injured in the fracas all 11 that conducted the search were sent to the infirmary as a precautionary measure.

Newsday spoke to Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson this evening who said he visited the remand yard and commended the inmates for defending the officers.

He said the inmates involved in the confrontation would have disciplinary charges brought against them but said he had not received a list of those involved.


"Inmates protect prison officers during fracas"

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