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Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Bare Six claim double at Tyro All Fours

BARE SIX won the double, League and Big 8, at the National Lotteries Control Board-sponsored Tyro Sports Club 2018 Four Tables All Fours competition.

In the honour roll for 2018, Bare Six took the prize for the best captain, the most bulls-eyes in the league (228), most hang jacks in the league (68) and the most hang jacks in a game (11).

Honour Roll:

1.Best Uniformed Team – Heavy Rollerz

2.Most Disciplined Team – Warriors

3.Sweetest Singing Team – Together Again

4.Best Captain – Bare Six

5.Most Bulls-eyes in League – Bare Six (228)

6.Most Hang Jacks in League – Bare Six (68)

7.Winning Game by Most Bulls-eyes – 29-7 (Back Street)

8.Most Hang Jacks in Game – Bare Six (11)

9.MVP Male – Deryck Thomas (Bare Six)

10.MVP Female – Michelle Christopher (Together Again)

11.Best of the Rest Runners-up – Warriors

12.Best of the Rest Winners – Limers

13.League Winners – Bare Six

14.Best Pair in Finals – Rickey Guerra and Kerron Apparicio (Limers)

15.Big 8 Fourth-place – HD

16.Big 8 Third-place – Together Again

17.Big 8 Runners-up – Hang Dem High

18.Big 8 Winners – Bare Six

19.Fair Play – Enisha Raphael (One Love)

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