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Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Youth and veterans at Kaiso ShowKase

Curlissa Charles Mapp
Curlissa Charles Mapp

KAISO SHOWKASE cast for 2019 will feature a mix of youth and some seasoned calypsonians in its 25-member cast when the tent opens at Palm’s Club in San Fernando on February 8.

Rib-tickling humour and some pumping soca and party songs are what patrons can expect, the tent said in a media release. The management further promised "a well-balanced, exciting, and entertaining programme of solid calypso, bacchanal and festive energy."

Ronaldo London

The youth artistes in the line-up are former Young King Addelon Braveboy (Banjella), Nerukhi, Tamika Darius, former Digicel Rising Star Angie Didier, Darwren Greenidge (Pharoah), Ronaldo London, Kerice Pascall and Curlissa Charles.

The veterans, led by Ras Kommanda (Steve Pascall), include Protector, Queen Victoria, Lady Gypsy, Rondell Donawa, Joseph Adams, Mr Mack, Alicia Richards and Abbi Blackman.

Ras Kommanda

The tent management said, "Kaiso Showkase has indicated a firm commitment to create avenues to showcase our young and talented artistes, as well as to maintain the rich tradition of calypso – our musical heritage."

Tent tickets go on sale on Friday at the various ticket outlets.

Following is the full cast:

Ras Kommanda –Steve Pascall

Protector – Michael Leggerton

Ainsley Mayers

Queen Victoria –Victoria Cooper – Rahim

Lady Gypsy –Lynette Steele

Mr Mack – Victor Mc Donald

Nikko –Allan Nicholas

Kaiso Nobby –Carl Barrington

Joseph Adams

Count Robin –Randolph Hilaire

Abbi Blackman

Rondell Donawa

Alicia Richards

Kerice Pascall

Nerukhi –Ato Osei

Tamika Darius

Ronaldo London

Curlissa Charles Mapp

De Juba –Anthony Charles

Black Bird –Kenrick Sheen

Sexy C –Crystal Mitcham

Banjela –Addelon Braveboy

Pharaoh –Darwren Greenidge

Angela Dedier

Nicholas Lucas

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