What’s wrong with us in TT?

THE EDITOR: TT created during the only percussive instrument invented the 20th century. Today it flourishes in many communities and universities everywhere in the East and West.

Our Trini ownership of pan is threatened since it has not been declared a national instrument by an Act of Parliament, even though a past prime minister proclaimed it so. Recently our PM sighed that he wished he had taken up pan, yet we hear nothing of efforts to declare that it belongs to TT, making it “somebody.”

This week, on the eve of a period of concentrated and dedicated preparation for Panorama, pan authorities have announced that pannists must raise their own funds as they will not get a stipend as is customary.

How could pannists do this? Their efforts are now focused as always at this time on landing the sweetest and most exhilarating presentation of pan music at Panorama. Their playing pan scopes our national identity, as pannists embrace an instrument they think they own to produce its limitless possibilities to the world at Panorama.

How can administrators not see the human side of this issue and seek financial solutions which do not interfere with the purpose or reason for pan?

What is wrong with us?



"What’s wrong with us in TT?"

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